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5 Easy Tips on How to Study for Math

1.  Practice, Practice, Practice:  Unlike other subjects, studying for math involves more than just reading information.  Studying for math involves actively doing math problems. The more problems that you practice, the more familiar you will become with the steps to solve.

2.  Flashcards:  Create flashcards for any formulas or vocabulary that you need to know for the topic.  This will help you memorize those important formulas or terms when test time comes

3.  Brain Dump:  Write down all the information that you can remember about one topic on a sheet of paper.  This will help you categorize information so that you can see not on the small picture but the big picture as well.

4.  Walk Away:  Yes, you read that right! Walk away when you are feeling overwhelmed.  Sometimes, giving your brain a break will help you start fresh and may help you recall information that you could not otherwise due to being overwhelmed.

5.  Study With a Friend:  Sometimes study groups will help you learn information that you may not have known before.  Learning from others may present new strategies for solving problems that you did not otherwise consider.

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